I Will Not Rest -By Romain Rolland Translated From The French By K.S. Shelvankar

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Romain Rolland, one of the most outstanding literary figures of the age, is also one of the most influential
leaders of opinion on the Continent. He published, early in the War, a book which has already become a classic of its kind, containing an appeal to all thinking people to hold themselves aloof from the hateful passions which were then sweeping the world. I Will Not Rest will rank in importance with that famous work, Above the Battle.In the essays which comprise this volume, M. Rolland,
with the warmth and vehemence that always exalt his style, deals with the varied issues of War, Peace, Fascism,
Communism and Imperialism, which agitate our generation. He writes not as a theorist, or a politician or an economist, but as an earnest citizen caring intensely for the welfare of the common man and deeply sensible of the danger which threatens him through the obstinacy
and arrogance of vested interests. The whole heritage of civilisation, he maintains, is in peril; individual liberty
lies at the mercy of cruel and tyrannical forces. And,addressing the intelligentsia particularly, he affirms with all his emphasis that they cannot remain detached from the conflict raging round them; that the divorce between the things of the mind and the things of everyday life is fallacious ; that political and spiritual affairs are indivisibly one. His views on Russia; his fears for peace; his
hatred of every form of persecution and oppression,wherever practised ; his glowing and inextinguishable faith
in the future of mankind, are all expressed with a vigorous
and challenging energy of phrase.

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