Marriage of the Mind Processes of Insight and Integration -by George. F. Buletza

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Since ancient times people have had intuitions about the two sides of a
divided human nature-sometimes expressed as Eros and Logos, heart and
mind, the right-hand way and the left-hand way. Even in our most objective
and rational moments we can feel a counterweight within: the vague and
undefinable aspects of our imagination and subconscious.Today, as recent neurological and psychological investigations on brain functioning are moving the views of science closer to those of the poets and mystics, modern research indicates we make use of two basic ways of knowing, based upon differences in the functioning of our two cerebral hemispheres. Insightful people have always searched for a bond between these two ways of knowing. Ancient philosophers and medieval alchemists termed this bonding or union of objective and imaginative faculties the Mystical Marriage, the Mysterium Coniunctionis, or what some today call the Marriage of the Mind.This mystical marriage is a universal pattern lying deep within ourselves,being essential to the experience and expression of what we actually are. The Marriage of the Mind is one of the most important subjects we can choose to investigate while on the path leading to Self-Mastery.Marriage of the Mind will help us in the personal realization of our unity by discussing a wide range of subjects including:

• The nature of thought and how it affects each of us.
• Symbols that transform.
• Attaining genuine confidence and how it relates to Self-Mastery.
• How to release and use intuitive powers to improve our lives.
• Imagination’s role in the integration of the whole person.
• The contribution of “symbolic thinking to our health.
• Tapping the Entheos-the muse, the God within-to release our creative spirit.
• Breaking free from mental and emotional forms-self-imposed internal barriers-that entrap us.
• Recognizing our spirituality, which is the very core of who we are.

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