Rammohun:A Study, By Nirmalya Bagchi


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Author’s preface
RammohanRoy is a controversial character. The controversy begin in the centenary year of his death – 1933.A group of writers who were connected with the Bengali journal,Sonibarer Chithi, started writing a series of articles dealing with some trifling matters relating to Rammohun’s personal life as well as his acquisition of property.The object was to malign him and to deny him credit for his contribution towards improvement of society.The leaders of this group were Sajani Kanta Das,Brajendra Nath Bandopadhyaya,Mohit Lal Majumdar, Susil Kumar Dey etc.It must be admitted that Brajendra Nath Bandopadhyaya discovered many valuable documents and letters about Rammohun which helped in the study of his life and work.However,to refute the calumny,many others wrote cogent articles.Among them were Prabhat Chandra Gangopadhyaya,Jogananda Das,Jatindra Kumar Majumdar,Rama Prasad Chanda, Amal Hom etc.The result was that many new facts and source material about Rammohun came to light and a new evaluation become possible.

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