Tansen -Girish Chaturvedi

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Indian classical music has a tradition spanning several centuries.In the bhakti period, singers expressed their devotion and worshipped their deities through this music, which in due course,evolved into distinct musical lineages or gharanas.
The name of Tansen is inextricably linked to classical music,indeed as life is to breath. Tansen raised Hindustani music to celestial heights. He was no doubt a maestro in rendering the dhrupad and dhamar, but the various ragas he composed, like Mian Ki Todi and Mian ki Malhar speak of his deep knowledge
of music.Tansen is a historical novel. Extensive research went into piecing together the incidents related to Tansen. Of course, awriter always resorts to imagination to develop the story. In this
novel too, the imaginary characters of Tani, Kafia, and Dawan Khan have been introduced into the story.

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