History Of Music by Hugh Milton Miller, Ph.D.

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The present emphasis is upon the organisation and presentation of essential historical information that has a direct bearing upon the actual music of any given period, or else upon the development of musical trends.The outline deals primarily with the characteristics of form and style as they apply to music of board and specific periods,to nationalities or schools,and to the most important composers.This outline, then, is intended to be a substantial guide to the intelligent study of music by the amateur as well as by the advanced student of music.It can be applied equally well to the occupation of listening to records and to detailed analysis of musical scores.At the end of each chapter through  baroque music, record lists have been provided.These are selected from available recordings including long playing releases, the Anthology Sonore, and 2000 Years of Music.As more and more representative works are issued, especially recording of music prior to 1600, the lists should be supplemented.Score lists, also, have been provided for representative music up to 1750, music for later periods be much more easily accessible.

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