Know your Aquarium Plants -by Don L. Jacobs

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An aquarium without plants, like a home without furniture,is basically liveable but ugly, uncomfortable, and inefficient.
While there has been considerable debate about the necessity for keeping plants in aquariums, there is no doubt
that they have many functions. Some of the purposes they serve are: As natural decorations they are essential to aquascaping.They aid in displaying fish. Most fish take on a more intense color, display their finnage better, and court,strut, and behave more normally in a well-planted situation. Different plants can be selected to furnish the most suitable background for each type of fish. Light-colored plants like Water Sprite and Hygrophila offer a dramatic background for Black Mollies and other dark fish. Iridescent Rasbora, Glowlight Tetras, Neons,and the like, take on a richer glow among dark-colored Cryptocoryne.They provide shelter for baby fish, shy fish, weaker fish, and females giving birth.They serve as food for vegetarian fish.They help prevent green water by competing with algae for nutrients and serve as a spawning medium for many fish.Plants aid in water conditioning by removing nitrogenous wastes, carbon dioxide, and sulphur substances and adding or redistributing oxygen to lower water and gravel areas.They increase the browsing surface for food produced inside the aquarium. Algae and minute animals such as rotifers, tiny worms, and protozoa, which are eaten by many fish, may densely cover rockwork. gravel.
aquarium walls, and plant leaves. When fish are busy pecking at the leaves, they are feasting off these tasty morsels.

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