The Shivaji Commemoration Movement -Editor Dr. Sanjiv P. Desai

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Maharashtra Archives Bulletin No. 11 was sub-titled Shivaji Memorials: the British Attitude and was published as Chhatrapati Shri Shivaji Maharaj Coronation Tercentenary Commemoration Volume;2′ in 1974. Shivaji Maharaj was the earliest source of inspiration to the freedom fighters. The records relating to the story of the struggle of our leaders and the British Government’s attitude towards the Shivaji festival,and repairs to Shivaji Monuments at Raygad and Shivneri forts during
the period from 1885 to 1926 were published in that Volume. The present
combined Volume of the Bulletin (Nos. 13-14) is sub-titled “The Shivaji
Commemoration Movement’ and gives the other side of the story, that is, the Indian approach to or public opinion on the Shivaji Commemoration Movement as expressed in the native newspapers from time to time during the course of the movement. The extracts published in
this Volume have been compiled from the Reports on Native Newspapers in the Bombay Presidency.The Oriental Translator to Government was entrusted with the duty of submitting selected extracts from Native Newspapers to the Government duly translated into English. These extracts were submitted weekly
in printed form, under the title Reports on Native Newspapers published in the Bombay Presidency. These Reports for the period from 1868 to 1932 are available in the Bombay Archives.

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