The A to Z of Jainism -Kristi L. Wiley

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This is a unique quick-reference book about a religion with a history of more than 2,500 years, and one which has influenced India’s culture throughout this period.At the core of Jainism’s teachings is non-violence (ahimsa). In Jainism,non-violence extends to man’s relationship with all natural life, a sensitivity being articulated anew in contemporary times by a concern for the environment and animal rights. Truth, non-stealing,celibacy
and non-possessiveness are the other central teachings of Jainism.This book covers all important touchstones of Jainism in more than 450 crisp, alphabetical entries spanning:

The basic teachings of Jainism;
The life of Mahavira, the twenty-fourth Tirthankara of Jainism, and its best-known and most influential propagator;
The main sectarian traditions of Jainism, and mendicant and lay practices;
Important Jain scriptures;
Influential Jain leaders and scholars;
Sacred and historic Jain sites;
Jain prayers and pilgrimages, beliefs, rituals and ceremonies.
A detailed Introduction provides a holistic overview of Jainism; and a chronology highlights important Jain milestones. An extensive,subject-wise bibliography guides interested readers to in-depth
resources on various topics. Valuable reference work on Jainism…. concise but extremely informative.

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