Mental Hygiene- A Science of Adjustment -S.S. Chauhan

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The present book, Mental Higiene – A Science of Adjustment, is an introductory text book on the basic concepts of mental hygiene. It has been written with the specific purpose of catering to the acute needs of a wide range of clientele ranging from students to professional workers in the field of guidance who have been experiencing difficulty in finding relevant subject matter in any single book written by an Indian author.The book in all contains seventeen chapters divided into two broad sections.Section A (ten chapters) discusses the objectives and principles of mental hygiene, Indian and Western concepts of mental health, factors affecting the mental health of individuals,adjustment mechanisms generated by individuals to safeguard their ego, psychoneurotic, psychotic and conduct disorders and the process of assessing adjustment problems with the help of different types of psychological tests. Section B (seven chapters) deals with various types of psychotherapies that are used in the treatment of mental disorders and with techniques used to promote the mental health of individuals.
Dr. Chauhan is engaged in teaching for more than thirty years and is well-acquainted with the adjustment problems of students of various classes and categories.He is presently working as Associate Professor in the Department of Education, H.P. University, Shimla, and is actively engaged in research.He has authored a number of books on education and educational psychology, which have been highly appreciated both by teachers and students in India and abroad. He is the author of Psychology of Adolescence(Allied) which has now been recommended for study in various Indian Universities.

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