The birth of an Ordained Temple Adyapeath

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The presiding Diety of Adyapeath is Goddess Adyasakti.This holy place has been named as Adyapeath’ on behest of theDivine Mother.In the Temple erected according to the commandment of Lord Ramkrishna, this revered image of Sree Sree Adyasakti is central figure. There is nice history of this Mother ‘ADYA’ About 4 years before receiving the charge of activities as being carried out at Adyapeath,respected Sree Sree Annada Thakur obtained an image made of stone from the pool in the Eden Garden. This is the image of Sree Sree Adyasakti. Now the story of reception of said Adyamurti,will bed in details.
It was in the year 1321 B.S. i e. 1915 that respected Sree Annada Thakur, founder of Adyapeath,a Brahmin young man hailing from Chittagong was living at Calcutta.His age at that time was not more than 23/24 years or so.He was
staying then in the house of Late Siddheswar Basu in Bolai Singha Lane off Amherst Street,Calcutta and has just completed the course of Ayurveda College situated behind the abode of Late Raja Digambar Mitra at Jhamapukur.He won special intimacy with the members of the family of said Basu and has passcd the final examination of Ayurveda with distinction and with the financial help of them, he was preparing to open a dispensary and begin due practice of the said profession.He was getting himself ready for the profession from the Bengali New Year Day after obtaining benediction from his parents when on one night a Sannyasi appeared before him in dream and said-“Just go to Calcutta, I will give this” and showed an image of Divine Mother. Family members at home
When tried to detain him in spite of hearing about the dream.
on the next night in his dream, the Sannyasi appeared again
and said-“If you do not start for Calcutta you will face a disaster. On the next day he told nothing to any one but he
found that a calamity happened that very night. The sitting room and cowshed of their house caught fire from the flames
coming from a neighbouring house on fire and were burnt down.Other rooms
were saved by the strenuous effort
of neighbours. Then he started for Calcutta without any further delay.On
reaching Calcutta he found that
preliminary arrangements of running a
Dispensary and medical practice were ready.But on first night said
Sannyasi appeared again in dream and ordered to shave his head and take a dip in the “GANGA”. He paid no heed to this
behest.. The said Sannyasi appeared in dream on the next night but was sent back with harsh words. It was in the month of Chaitra and the day was Basanti Saptami ( 7th Day of Full
Moon and day of begining the worship of Goddess Basanti Devi).
ordered him to shave his head and take a bath in the Ganges.When Lord Ramkrishnadev appeared himself and
Revered Thakur followed the behest and took pure diet and went to a clean bed. On the last part of night Paramhansadev
appeared and commanded as follows :-
“You will find one image at a place, under joint growth of a Pakur and Cocoanut
Tree in Eden Garden. Bring that image with three devotees.
You should keep silent and keep the image concealed as far as
possible. Then act as you are bid”
Immediately after the order, revered Thakur went to Sachin
Babu, son of the said householder who has sheltered him and intimated everything.

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