The Saga of Rickshaw – Editor Rajendra Ravi


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It contains a survey of those people whose lives have been organised around the rickshaw, that is rickshaw-drivers, owners, mechanics,manufacturers, unions and passengers.Rickshaw does not look up to any government or private aid raises a tangible support system for the poor and semi-literate population of the first generation migrants in towns and cities of India .Although it cannot assure modernised life-chances for those who do not know how to navigate through the complexities of urban jungles, but it does promise up to some extent a dignified and independent living for so many and even helps in shrugging off unemployment,starvation,crime and dejection. On the global level rickshaw acts as a local antidote for the relentless exploitation of energy resources.Claiming a decent and respectable place for the rickshaw in the modern life-structures would be a definite step towards saving our planet from the catalysmic depletion of energy.

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