Culture Tribal History And Freedom Movement -Editor:Dr. P.K. Mishra

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The present volume contains assorted articles on Culture, Tribal history and Popular movements in Orissa in their national perspective. Section I shows how profoundly Orissan art tradition has enriched Indian art and architecture. Her temples and monuments representing both variety and excellence draw the unstinted admiration of the World. In
spreading the process of Sanskriti-
sation, evolution ofearly script and
polity, growth of feudal social order,
Saktism, Vaisnavism, iconography
and temple architecture renowned
scholars have discussed the rich
legacy of Orissa.Orissa has a large tribal population.A glimpse of tribal life, social tension under the Colonial administra-
tion and protest movements have
been brought under focus for the
first time in Section II based on
sensational data collected from the
Ganjam Records recently released
by the State Archives.In Section III some of the popularmovements, both violent and non violent, have been treated with deep insight and objectivity by a new
group of scholars to prove Orissa’s
involvement in the struggle for free-
dom.The book, on the whole, represents
a landmark in Indian historiography.

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