Of Subansiri by J.N. Chowdhury


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The area comprising all of north-eastern Kameng and extending to the Miri country in the east and south of the Subansiri is occupied by the Dafalas,a sturdy hill-people, who were rather turbulent not very long.This was, perhaps, largely due to the fact that the Dafalas were not blessed with a bountiful land as their neighbours the Apa Tanis.They lived up in the mountains, and eked out a precarious living from the unyielding mountain slopes.Daflas acknowledge a common ancestor and seem to be divided into three main clans- Dopum,Dodum and Dol.A tribal group, having material relations with the Rishi- Mashi but maintaining a separate identity, is known as Nidu-Mora.This group is located in the upper Subansiri valley.A small population in the Singi valley is called Chikum-Dui. Dr.Elwin considered them a branch of the Gallong the east of the Subansiri.They seemed to lieĀ  beondon ‘the social orbit’ of the other tribal groups of the region.

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